Saturday, December 10, 2022

Go Deh: Ouch, vscode! 😠

Go Deh: Ouch, vscode! 😠

The corporate cloud has tons of of machines and I must get some thought of the {hardware} so I discover dmidecode for the performance and must parse its structured output and generate A Python datastructure, or possibly JSON.

I resolve to entry a Linux cloud machine remotely utilizing vscode, as regular and run dmidecode, cut-n-paste a pattern of its output into regex101, I do my due diligance and have a VNC session into one other machine within the cloud and run dmidecode there on a unique machine, have a look, and cut-n-paste an prolonged part of the information into regex101, scroll to the highest of regex101, and write exploratary regexps as I match sections of the dmidecode output. 

Matches begin, however cease on the part of information copied from my VNC terminal? 

Regex101 prints gray dots for areas and a gray line for tabs and it’s then plain to see that the instructions output is indented with tabs when copied from VNC, however areas from vscode.

Piping the output and grepping for preliminary tabs and evaluating it to grepping for preliminary areas reveals that the dmidecode command indents with tabs. An internet search confirmed that vscode terminal has an problem with outputting tabs and silently modifications them to areas. Moreover, this problem is closed!?!

Vscode. it is a good software ‘n all; however mendacity about knowledge is a no-no. I anticipate you to get the basics proper as a stable base then add from there. X, vi, gvim make me not even assume to examine that tabs are seen (and their dealing with modifiable), 

I’m wondering if different IDE’s have this problem, lets begin a listing.


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